Association Property Management Services

Taking care of a community like a townhome development or condo building requires compassion, professionalism, and a keen knowledge of complicated building systems and interpersonal dynamics. A homeowners’ association allows neighbors to share a consistent standard of living, maintain their property values, and delegate communal responsibilities effectively. Of course, the association itself also requires considerate, professional, and reliable management in order to keep this governing body running smoothly and efficiently. With all this in mind, Association Property Management is committed to offering the highest-quality association management services in the Twin Cities metro for your needs and your budget.

Active Association Management Makes for Happy Homeowners

We’ve all heard HOA horror stories: Associations rife with mismanaged funds, inconsistently enforced rules, and a general lack of effective, reasonable governance. On the other end of the spectrum, a well-managed association helps homeowners feel safe and secure in the knowledge that their neighborhood, building, or housing complex is being run properly and that their association dues are being utilized productively. Association Property Management provides reliable association management for condos and townhomes in the Twin Cities Metro so that your association runs smoothly, functions properly, and works to better the lives of the homeowners who pay their dues.

Up-to-Date Technology Makes Running Your Association Simple

Associations are complex organizations with lots of moving parts, important documents, and members who demand transparency and open communication. Our online portal allows you to offer your association convenient services such as:

  • Making online payments
  • Streamlined maintenance/repair requests
  • Accessible and transparent building and property updates
  • Easily accessible association documents and schedules
  • Direct communication with association management

Examples of Association Management Services We Offer:

Property Maintenance

A huge responsibility of any association is keeping communal spaces clean and beautiful and keeping important building/property functions running smoothly for all members to use. Association Property Management is here to provide all property maintenance services from the aesthetic (property cleaning and landscaping) to the functional (handling all preventative maintenance and repairs). 

Property Inspections

Associations often require regular inspections to make sure the property is up-to-code, or unexpected inspections to find and repair maintenance issues. Whether pre-planned or completely unexpected, Association Property Management will coordinate building inspections in the Twin Cities metro area.

Online Account Access

Associations build trust with their members by being transparent and accessible, and partnering with Association Property Management allows your association to offer members access to an online portal where they can see association updates, read important association documents, and keep up with association activity.

Online Maintenance/Repair Requests

Offering online maintenance and repair requests helps your association stay more organized and helps members get their issues resolved faster and more efficiently, making everyone’s lives easier and happier in the process.

Accounting/Financial Reporting

It can be difficult to keep track of all the little (and big) operating costs that go into running an association, so let Association Property Management handle the books for you. We’ll help you manage income, expenses, and all manner of financial reporting so you and your members know where the association stands, always.

Maintain Association Schedules & Agendas

From monthly board sessions to annual member meetings to association projects and board elections, associations have all sorts of commitments to keep in mind. Association Property Management can help associations maintain their schedule and structure their agendas so that nobody misses a beat.

Association Document Preparation

A good association will keep thorough and accessible documentation on everything from board meeting minutes to association by-laws, but preparing these documents can be a tedious task that takes away from the real work of improving lives for homeowners and association members. Let Association Property Management take on the document prep chore so your association can focus on the work that matters most.

Governing Document Enforcement

Following all the rules and bylaws lays the groundwork for a trustworthy and reliable association. Whether it’s making sure board elections are administered faithfully or ensuring that member rules are enforced fairly and without prejudice, Association Property Management is here to help keep the train on the tracks.

Vendor Advising

From trash pickup to Wi-Fi service, landscape gardening to garage cleaning, associations are often tasked with coordinating with outside vendors. Association Property Management will help advise associations when it comes to researching vendors, taking bids, and managing vendor accounts to make sure everyone is working in tandem to keep your community running smoothly.

Custom Services

We know that no two associations are the same, and each and every one has individual needs. From specific building requirements to unique board structures, you may have needs that aren’t covered by anything else on this list. Association Property Management is a flexible local company and we’re happy to tailor our services to make sure that your association management perfectly aligns with the needs of your individual community.

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